Simple ways to prevent fire in the house


With the current situation of fire and explosion, there are many complicated developments like today, everyone needs to equip themselves with even the simplest fire prevention knowledge. Fires always cause great damage to people and property, so whether you live in high-class apartments or residential areas, fire prevention and fighting is always very important. Here are some simple fire prevention methods you can apply at your home:

Install smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are devices that do not cost too much but can bring the most practical fire prevention benefits. Therefore, please install many smoke alarms for your family. However, you must regularly check them and not leave them alone.


Simple ways to prevent fire in the house


Pay more attention when cooking - You need to be more careful when cooking because many fires have occurred that originated in the kitchen. When cooking, especially heating oil, you must be extremely careful. Do not cook without supervision, do not leave children alone in the kitchen while cooking equipment is on, install an induction stove instead of using a gas stove. If you use a gas stove, you must be extremely careful because this is a quite dangerous stove.


- Safe escape routes can be built in the house. Before going to bed, you need to check once for devices that are at risk of fire.


- You must plan in advance for the worst possible fire situations and have a safe escape route for the whole family. Make sure the whole family knows this route and can escape in case of fire. Teach your children the fire department number to get help when needed. - Need to pay attention and regularly check electrical equipment that is at risk of fire.


- It is best to use only 1 plug in an electrical outlet, because if you use many plugs, it will lead to overload and cause fires and explosions, especially for old wires and electrical sockets.


- Be careful when smoking and using candles - When using cigarettes, you must not throw them away indiscriminately or haphazardly. Only when making sure they are completely extinguished can you throw them away. When using candles, you should place them on a hard floor and place them far away from curtains, and turn off all candles before going to bed.


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