Signal transceiver module for SGCWE conventional fire alarm system

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: SGCWE

Radio transmitter/receiver module for common systems Allows integration and monitoring of up to 32 common radio input elements in a common area, also allows control of conventional sirens via radio, using the supervised control input the conventional control panel, EN54-25 certified. Can be configured via PC. Range is up to 200 meters, allowing range up to 3 km with the use of radio frequency amplifier. 24 V power supply, outside the usual area. Consumption: 60 mA. IP51. Dimensions: 120 x 160 x 51 mm. Working frequency 868MHz.


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Product information

Descriptions Signal transceiver module for SGCWE conventional fire alarm system

- 3rd party approval for EN54-18 and EN54-25

- Bidirectional wireless communication

- One IP protection for mounting in difficult environments

- Low current consumption

- Fully monitored devices for alarm and fault detection

- Compatible with up to 7 expansion modules

- A proven wireless technology

- Compatible with most system types Specifications

- Power supply range 9Vdc - 30Vdc

- A typical current consumption of 26mA (@24Vdc)

- Operating frequency range 868 MHz - 870 MHz

- Maximum radiated power 5dBm (3mW)

- Active frequency channels

- A communication range with an extension module 250m (in the open space)

- Communication range with wireless field equipment 150m (in open space)

- Maximum number of devices (per CEM) 32

- Temperature range (no freezing) -10°C to 55°C

- Maximum humidity (non-condensing) 95% (RH)

- IP65 rating

- Weight 330g

- BS EN 54-18: Input / output devices

- BS EN 54-25: Components using radio link and system requirements

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