Shillafire SL-16MSE-3 fire sprinkler,Korea Firefighting Equipment

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: SL-16MSE-3

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Product information

+ Product feature description

1) Direct/adjustable spray is used in conjunction with water guns and is used for mobile or stationary spray trucks in factory facilities and fire trucks.

2) It is designed to be suitable for large capacity fireproofing, and by adopting a special design, it is possible to waterproof long distances existing windows by increasing straightness and guide vortex when the guide ring rotates.

3) In addition, the functional obstacle of the window can be minimized by filtering foreign substances in the fire hydrant, and it is easy to maintain.

4) The nozzle body is made of light aluminum alloy with hard coating, and has excellent corrosion resistance.

5) The handle is made of plastic made a special material with UV stability, which has excellent impact and weather resistance.

6) High quality rubber has been used to protect the window bumper impacts even in harsh surroundings.

7) The electric windscreen control unit acquires Ex d IIC T5 class explosion and dust protection and is designed to be able to be switched directly/radically manually and automatically.

8) Patent product design

+ Technical parameters and diagram of the injector head

- Model : SL-16MSE-3


- Dimensions: FE 75 - Flow: 1250 GPM @0.7MPa

- Maximum flow: FLOW RATE (1250GPM, 4730LPM)

+ Bar chart

- A trajectory when spraying at an angle of 30° to the ground with a direct spray pattern.

-When spraying, it may be slightly different depending on the influence of pressure and wind.

Lăng phun chữa cháy Shillafire SL-16MSE-3,Thiết bị PCCC Korea

Lăng phun chữa cháy Shillafire SL-16MSE-3,Thiết bị PCCC Korea

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