Shillafire imported multi-function nozzle SL-12BP-25 SL-12BP-40 SL-12BP-65

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: SL-12BP-25,SL-12BP-40,SL-12BP-65

Gun-shaped spray nozzle with lever handle
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Product information

Korean spray gun type nozzle -Korea

It is the most convenient gun-style nozzle to use in extinguishing fires, lightweight, sturdy and has excellent performance. The built-in ball is easy to open and close, and it features an anti-twist function and a pistol grip to provide stability during use. The flow rate can be adjusted according to the fire situation. The flow rate is kept constant even when the radiation is switched direct radiation. When waterproofing directly, it is possible to waterproof remotely without disturbing the water, so there is less waste of fire fighting water. When spinning, the Tooth Spin function is applied to effectively extinguish the fire by forming a fine water film.


Model Size Flow (@0.7MPa) Lengh (mm) Weight (kg) Mêtrial Note
SL-12BP-25 FE25 (1”) 20-40-50-60 GPM 290 1.7 Nhôm  
SL-12BP-40 FE40 (1”1/2) 30-60-95-125 GPM 320 1.8 rning teeth
SL-12BP-65 FE65 (2”1/2) 100-150-200-250 GPM 320 2.8


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