Shillafire fire sprinkler (SL-8SS,SL-8SF-B,SL-8SFG-B )

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: SL-8SS,SL-8SF-B,SL-8SFG-B

The Shillafire Fire Sprinkler (SL-8SS,SL-8SF-B,SL-8SFG-B) is a direct-use port used to connect to a fire truck's fire hydrant or water gun. , Water is not dispersed when waterproofing by eliminating eddy currents in fire hydrants
⭐ , Can be waterproofed over 30% of the distance existing knockout window, Safe with equipment Hochiki price fire alarm 2019 , Hdfire open viking sprinkler head ,HV14 tyco tyty325


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Product information

Detailed description

- SL-8SS: Use instead of TIP with suitable flow rate

- SL-8SF-B: Fixed flow rate by built-in TIP

- SL-8SFG-B: Fixed flow rate (, large capacity with built-in TIP


Model Dimensions Output size Flow Head length Lenght Structure Note
SL-8SS FE65 (2½”) FB65 200 ~ 2500 LPM 50M (Tip ø23) 355 Nhôm Ni-Cr
SL-8SF-B FE65 (2½”) 11~38mm 200 ~ 2500 LPM 48M (Tip ø23) 250 Đồng Ni-Cr
SL-8SFG-B FE75 (3”) 40~55mm 2500 ~ 5000 LPM 85M (Tip ø42) 700 Đồng Ni-Cr
Specification & Flow Rate
Standard Ø11 Ø14 Ø17 Ø20 Ø23 Ø26 Ø29 Ø32 Ø38 Ø48 Ø50 Ø55
Radiation 200 330 490 690 900 1130 1400 1770 2490 4000 4500 5000


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