Shilla SL-70 nozzle quick connect stick

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: SL-70

Use where there is a narrow space when there is a fire where people can't enter
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Product information

In the event of a fire in an enclosed space inside a car or mobile home, iron door or concrete wall, it penetrates and waterproofs the interior of water or foam to prevent the fire safely. It was a device that could put out fire while protecting human life. It is made of alloy tool steel, etc., which has been heat-treated so that it can attack when penetrating steel material. It is sprayed as an internal mist, allowing for quick and efficient evolution. It can be used more conveniently by attaching a quick coupler (SLB-40S) and connecting a fire hydrant to make it waterproof.


- Dimensions: FE40 (1½”)

- Spray flow: 360 LPM@0.7MPa

- Length: 1300mm

- Weight: 5.3Kg / 6.8Kg

- Construction: stainless steel

- SLB-40S . quick coupler combination

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