Shilla SL-110HA large capacity Sprayer

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: SL-110HA

It is a special nozzle to protect neighboring facilities or dangerous goods or people in the event of a large fire such as a petrochemical production facility or dangerous goods warehouse
⭐ It is connected with a fire hose or fire hose to form a fan-shaped wall of water when waterproofing  block the heat generated by the fire to prevent the explosion of dangerous objects or the spread of fire. Prevent or protect people, materials fire


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- Flow: 800LPM 0.7MPa

- Spray angle: 180°

- Water spray range: 26M / 7M

- Structure: Aluminum

Lăng Phun công suất lớn Shilla SL-110HA

Lăng Phun công suất lớn Shilla SL-110HA

Specifications Shilla SL-110HA large capacity Sprayer

Model Dimession Weight(kg) Flow(LPM@0.7MPa) Spray distance Structure
SL-110HA FE65   800LPM 26M / 7M Aluminum
SL-110HB FE65   1200LPM 32M / 10M
SL-110 FE40 3.8 400LPM 15M / 6M Ni-Cr . plated copper
SL-110A FE65 5.8 16M / 7M


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