SFD-230,Watch for outdoor flash fire alarms

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: SFD-230

Fire alarm siren with built-in flashing outdoor mounting
✔️ 32 tones optional ,Power supply 24Vdc ,consumption: 8 to 36 mA depending on tone , Protection class IP33C , Red ,Sound power 78 to 116 dB depending on the selected tone ,CPR Certificate EN 54-3 , Dimensions: 100 x 75 mm


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Product information

°Compatible with conventional control panels and Detnov analog siren modules

° Low consumption and high efficiency 32 configurable tones 3 configurable volumes (high, medium, low)

° Easy installation, with base

° EN 54-3 Certification


Voltage 21 to 28 VCC
Consumption in alarm @ 24 V 9 to 34 mA, depending on tone
Sound power 76 to 117 dB, depending on tone

32 configurable tones

3 configurable volumes (high, medium, low)

Temperature -20ºC to 70ºC
Humidity 95%
Protection class

SFD-220 : IP21

SFD-230 : IP33C

Structure ABS

Stand Dimensions (SFD-220):

Dimensions of tall pillar (SFD-230):

100 mm x 75 mm

85 mm x 75 mm

Certificate EN 54-3

SFD-220 Nº : 0370-CPR-2965

SFD-230 Nº : 0370-CPR-2965

Dimension drawing

SFD-230,Coi bao dong báo cháy Flash gắn ngoài trời

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