Setting up a fire protection system for the building is very necessary


Do not neglect to set up a fire protection system for the building

Setting up an effective fire protection equipment system accounts for a significant cost when building a building. So sometimes we often don't want to invest too much but just need a few devices to get it. However, it is reasonable to spend the initial cost to minimize the risk of fire and explosion as well as damage when there is a fire. Normally, the spread of fire between houses near each other is very fast, if not promptly prevented the fire will cause a lot of damage to property and human life.

-The following is the answer why we should focus on setting up a professional fire protection system

-The operating procedure of the fire protection equipment system is as follows

-Fire alarm lights->push button->smoke detector->fire siren->fire alarm center-fire extinguishers (co2 gas cylinders, powder extinguishers)->fire ladders->fire pumps and other other device.

- The above fire protection equipment needs to be surveyed in reality, drawing up detailed drawings of the installation location of each device. The detailed installation drawings will be surveyed the actual location of the door, the column of the building's exit system will be arranged in an appropriate location for the exit so that if a fire occurs, it will quickly escape. out of danger.

- "Prevention is better than cure ten" is a saying that we should remember to apply to protect our property and lives. With a country that is hot all year round like Vietnam, the risk of fire is always lurking every hour and every minute. The system of fire protection equipment will assist us to reduce that risk.

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