RTD-150E, Software repeater for CAD-150 addressable system

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: RTD-150E

Graphic Repeater for CAD-150 Series Addressable System
✔️It allows graphical display and management of fire detection installations through on-screen plans (HDMI), Accepts all formats images (jpeg, bmp, gif, etc.). Easy and intuitive to use. It is recommended to use the touch screen interface, Ethernet connection to network the graphic repeaters using existing Ethernet and Wifi infrastructure. One unit must be connected to the fire system using TMB-151 or TMB-251 . communication cards


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Product information

° Quick access to HDMI Output detection point information


The RTD-150E repeater is the ideal addition to any fire detection installation that requires monitoring in a graphical format, making user interaction simple and intuitive. Eliminate the need to install fire panels at the front desk or in a visible place, e.g. a reception point in a hotel. Ideal for installations that require a high number of repeaters, e.g. different floors of a hospital

° Ethernet connection

° Graphical repeater network (wired or wireless)

° Send email

°Includes feeder tray

Technical data sheet

RTD-150E,Bộ lặp phần mềm cho hệ thống địa chỉ CAD-150

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