RING VALVE, Expansion valve for Shilla fire hose(SLB-R40 SLB-R65)

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: SLB-R40 / SLB-R65

SLB-R40 / SLB-R65
⭐  Ring Valve or expansion valve, used as a bridge to add fire hydrants  patented design of shilla-Korea  Contact us now 0917.911.114


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Product information

RING VALVE is a type of expansion valve mounted for fire hydrants used at the initial distance in case of fire, and when it is necessary to extend the fire hydrant, the valve immediately closes, connects more hoses and opens the valve. to open the valve. This is a very convenient valve as it can react quickly to fire situations. Fire hoses with extended lengths tend to break when they climb alleys and build stairs. Can prevent the valve malfunctioning due to the handle getting stuck in the obstacle in the corner. This is a safe and convenient hose expansion valve that can prevent danger caused by high water injection pressure by lowering it.

RING VALVE, Van mở rộng cho vòi chữa cháy Shilla(SLB-R40 / SLB-R65)

Specifications SLB-R40 / SLB-R65

- Dimensions: FE40, FE65 (F X M)

- Structure: Aluminum

- Pressure: 2MPa

- Purpose: expanding the pipeline, opening and closing the pipeline

- Features: lightweight design, patented

- Origin: Korea

- Price: 0917.911.114 VND


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