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Our company would like to thank customers for trusting in using the product services of Dong Nam Fire Protection, to ensure the practical benefits of customers, and improve the quality of our after-sales service. Dong Nam Fire Protection (Donatech) will support customers in exchanging new products of the same type as follows:



- Products due to technical errors of the manufacturer.

- Product must be purchased at Dong Nam Fire Protection

2. Conditions apply

* Time within 07 days from delivery date (Applies to all products).

* Fire protection products and equipment must still have the seal of Dong Nam Fire Prevention or the manufacturer intact.

* The product must be inspected and determined to be due to the fault of Dong Nam PCCC technician or the manufacturer.

* The returned product has no defects in appearance (scratched, broken, dented, yellowed, etc.) * When the product is returned, it must have all accompanying documents such as (sale documents, VAT invoice, warranty card, user manual, catalog...) 3.In cases where return is not applicable * Customers want to change the type or model without prior notice or approval from Southeast Fire Protection.

* Product damage due to customer installation and operation not following instructions.

* Customers do not comply with warranty regulations during the product warranty period (no warranty card, warranty stamp, etc.)

* Customers arbitrarily tear, scratch, or break the outer packaging of the product.

* Customers request to return goods that are broken, scratched, scratched, dented, yellowed... when inspected and received. 4.Process of receiving and returning goods

* Please contact Dong Nam Fire Protection Sales Department directly for instructions on returning the goods.

*The technical department of Dong Nam Fire Prevention and Control checks and confirms errors in products and goods that are damaged due to (manufacturing technical errors, Dong Nam Fire Protection technicians or errors from the customer).

* Return processing process within 07 days from the date of receiving the product or a specific time from the manufacturer (with accompanying documents related to the product).

* You can respond to any specific information at 0917.911.114 so we can better support you every day.



PCCC Đông Nam trân trọng thông báo!

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