Rescue work in fire prevention and fighting


Understanding the importance of lifesaving work in fire prevention and fighting, the Government has issued a Decree regulating the rescue and rescue work of the current fire prevention and fighting force. The Decree clearly stipulates the arrangement of forces and rescue and rescue activities of the current fire force. Not only that, the decree also specifies principles and coordination relationships, ensuring responsibilities and conditions of relevant organizations, agencies and individuals.

Below are the principles in rescue operations, the Decree clearly stipulates:


- Prioritize rescuing victims first. Depending on the circumstances, during or after the rescue process, measures must be taken to ensure the safety, health, life, property, and vehicles of the victim.


- Ensuring promptness, timeliness and efficiency in operating and commanding rescue operations.


- Mainly use local means and forces; The specialized rescue force is the core, and at the same time mobilizes all available forces and the people to participate in rescue work.


Rescue work in fire prevention and fighting

- Fire and explosion incidents and accidents.

- Landslide incidents and accidents.

- Incidents and accidents of collapse of houses, structures, trees, equipment and machinery.

- Traffic incidents and accidents when required. - Incidents and accidents where people are trapped in houses, on high places, in buildings, in caves, tunnels, deep underground, etc.

- Drowning accidents.

- Incidents and accidents at entertainment areas and a number of other cases as prescribed by law. -

The Decree clearly stipulates that fire prevention and fighting forces are prohibited from doing the following:

- Causing incidents and accidents, dangers to the health and lives of people, property, and means for personal gain.

- Obstructing and opposing prevention and rescue activities.

- Intentionally reporting false accident or incident information.

- Causing damage, destruction or intentional destruction, arbitrarily changing the movement of vehicles, rescue equipment, signs, and instructions on rescue work.

- Taking advantage of rescue work to violate national interests and the legitimate interests of organizations, agencies, households and individuals.

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