Water - an indispensable element in fire protection work. I think, when there is a fire, there is no water, where will the story go. For example, let's briefly consider: From December 2017 to March 2018 across the country, there were more than 1,000 fires and more than 31 people were killed. Without water, the death toll would not stop there. By now, you must have understood the importance of water in fire prevention work. However, how should the system be installed? How should the water source be designed and what are the regulations on water sources in fire prevention and fighting? Today, Donatech cordially invites you to discuss this issue, looking forward to receiving contributions from friends near and far. Dear.


  • To supply water to SPRINKLER water and foam fire fighting systems with automatic starting devices thanks to the signal of the fire alarm system, with the requirement to start the fire fighting system less than 10 seconds after the alarm system If the fire sends out a signal, it must be arranged to get water from main and automatic water supply.

  • All water and foam SPRINKLER systems, equipped with a manually controlled pump, must have an automatic water supply to ensure the equipment is operational for a period of 10 minutes. And, this water supply must ensure a sufficient supply of water or calculated foaming solution for the time required to bring the reserve pump into steady operation.
  • The automatic water supply or pulse generator must stop automatically after the pump is started.



  • It is permissible to store water reserves for the SPRINKLER water fire fighting system in tanks with different functions.
  • When determining the volume of the tank for the SPRINKLER water fire fighting system, the following must be taken into account: The amount of water that is automatically loaded into the tank during the fire.
  • To ensure the calculated pressure in the water-fired SPRINKLERs before starting the pump, it is necessary to arrange in the pipelines of the SPRINKLER system and in the supply pipes of the SPRINKLER system pulse generator ( metal tank with an area: 0.5m³ containing water under pressure & This pulse generator must stop automatically after the pump starts). Or pipes with different functions with pressure equal to or lower than the calculated pressure. It is allowed to use an air compressor or to use a common compressed air station of the factory (provided that the station operates continuously) to charge compressed air for the hydraulic tank.



  • For the SPRINKLER foam fire fighting system, the amount of water contained in the tank is not used for domestic purposes, and at the same time, in these tanks, a device must be arranged to prevent the use of water stored in the tank for other purposes.
  • The foaming agent must be introduced into the tank by means of a separate pump, manually started. To put the foaming agent into a tank that already contains a preset amount of water, it must be used đường ống có nhiều lỗ đặt vòng quanh bể, dưới mức nước trong bể 0.1m.
  • For the SPRINKLER foam fire fighting system with a metering unit, two metering pumps must be arranged (one working, one standby).
  • Working time of SPRINKLER foam fire extinguishing system with low expansion foam is as follows:

+ 15 minutes: For rooms with solid combustible materials with a load greater than 200kg/m2 or with flammable liquids with a flash point of up to 28°.

+ 10 minutes: For rooms with solid combustible materials with a load of less than 200kg/m2 or with flammable liquids with a flash point of up to 28°.

For the SPRINKLER foam fire suppression system (with low or medium expansion foam) the foam reserve should be doubled.



  • The number of pumps at the pumping station must be more than two (one working pump and one standby pump), each pump must have a separate power supply. If there is only one power supply, it is permissible to arrange a pump equipped with a starter with the consent of the competent fire department.
  • Where only one power source is available, an internal combustion engine-powered pump which can be started automatically but is also capable of manual starting shall be provided.
  • Pumps and motors must not be driven by belts.
  • Normally, the pumping station of the SPRINKLER system is located indoors, in the basement or an underground floor, in separate rooms with walls and ceilings with a minimum fire resistance limit of 0.75 hours, with separate doors to the outside or out. stair floor. The above requirements are also applied when designing pumping stations located in areas with special natural and weather conditions.
  • Surely, the above information has also answered some of your questions in fire protection work. Do not hesitate to contact us at the information below so that we can help you solve any fire protection problems you are facing. Bringing perfection in all fire fighting works, ensuring absolute safety for property and human life is our mission. Dear.

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