Quotation for selling anti-corrosion fire extinguisher Asul SENTRY

Manufacture: Asul
Product code: SENTRY

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✅ District 3 Fire Protection Store , SENTRY industrial dry chemical fire extinguishers are designed for common and extremely dangerous fires ⭐
✅ Compact and portable fire extinguishers This meets the needs of industrial fire protection and is built to last in the corrosive environments found in the mining and chemical industries or in marine environments.


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Product information

For use in warehouses, offices and auto repair shops, SENTRY industrial dry fire extinguishers are well suited for use in coastal apartments and areas where chemicals, paints and Weld.

- SENTRY extinguishers are made to strict quality standards

- Designed for corrosive environments and industrial use

- Meet or exceed ANSI/UL 299 and 711 . requirements

- DOT and USCG approved

- Simple operation and maintenance

- Mylar nameplate is tough, anti-glare

- Rechargeable

- Producing durable, high-quality materials

- Large, easy-to-read pressure gauge

- Price: 0917.911.114 VND

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