Pump Control Cabinet JP3 (UL), Pump control cabinet manual pccc

Manufacture: Tornatech
Product code: JP3

Pump Control Cabinet JP3 UL Standard - Produced by American Tornatech
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Product information

Detailed description of Pump Control Cabinet JP3 (UL)

Tủ Điều Khiển Máy Bơm JP3 (UL)-Sơ Đồ Điều Khiển Máy Bơm DIESEL

Designed to control jacer pumps that maintain water pressure in fire pump service systems. - Prevent unnecessary starting of fire pumps due to minor leaks in sprinkler system piping.

- Solid state control with iPD+ . digital operator interface

- Single phase and three phase models

Specifications of Pump Control Cabinet JP3 (UL)

1. APPROVAL 1. CSA and UL508A


3. SEISMIC CERTIFICATE 1 test criteria a. ICC-ES AC156 2. Building code a. IBC 2015 a. CBC Special Seismic Certification 2016 OSHPD - OSP 2. Seismic parameters a. ASCE 7-10 Chapter 13

4. OPERATING COMPONENTS AND STARTING METHODS 1 Manual and automatic combination 2 hp disconnect switch 3 Full voltage across starting line 4 Magnetic motor protection and a contactor 5 Transformer with secondary 24V.AC

5. CONCLUSION 1 Nema Type 2 6 OPERATION INTERFACE - Touch-type push button and high-brightness LED digital display.

- Will monitor and display engine operating conditions and pressure conditions

- Operate without opening the controller door. 7. SMALL INDICATIONS

- The operator interface must indicate:

- LED manual motor

- Automatic engine running LED lights

- Motor overload

- System pressure

- Starting pressure

- Stop the pressure

- Pressure LED on the system

- System pressure in between start and stop pressure LEDs

- System pressure under the start pressure LED

- Controller in AUTO mode

- Controller in OFF mode

- Starter pump

- Elapsed time meter (hours / cannot be reset)


- Minimum Run Timer

- Timer to start sequentially.


- Stainless Steel

- Operates between 0 and 600psi

- External connection


Tủ Điều Khiển Máy Bơm JP3 (UL)-Sơ Đồ Điều Khiển Máy Bơm DIESEL


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