PTFE coated steel body wafer butterfly valve

Manufacture: Ning Jin APC
Product code: PTFE coated

PTFE coated steel body wafer butterfly valve manufactured by German technology imported China, quality assurance, best price. Please contact Dong Nam Fire Protection Company for free technical advice 24/7


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Product information

Working temperature: Medium temperature (120°C < T < 450°C)

Chemical corrosion resistance, rust, high friction resistance

Actuator: Manual, electric, pneumatic

Working pressure: low pressure (Pn <1.6Mpa)

Frame (Body): WCB (steel billet), CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M

Design and manufacture according to standard: ANSI B16.34

The part that comes direct contact with the chemical is the wing and the inner PTFE lining. So this part will be damaged first. Therefore, the stainless steel body is not necessary, the inside of the wing is damaged but the body still has to be thrown away to buy a new valve too wasteful.

While the PTFE liner will have a longer life, the painted steel body will be damaged at the same time as the inside of the valve, so it is more economical. What needs to be good is good (PTFE coated wings), which needs to reduce the cost accordingly, reduce-Steel body.

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