Procedure for using a water fire extinguisher


Ecosafe Fire Extinguisher, what is the process of using a water fire extinguisher in combination with a CO2 Extinguisher? will share with you the importance of using water fire extinguishers, what is the purpose and effectiveness of it?

* Water is the oldest fire fighting method. WIth water fire extinguisher , you can extinguish the class A fire safely and effectively, involving combustible solids such as wood, paper, textiles and garbage.

* It is essential that you know how to use a water fire extinguisher and where you can find the nearest fire extinguisher at home and work before you need to use it.

* Before you want to understand Procedure for using a water fire extinguisher, First check if the fire extinguisher is safe to use. You can do this by quickly assessing the situation by making sure that there is no live electrical equipment in the area and that there are no other fuel sources (such as flammable liquids or gases).

*Also, check that it is fully charged by looking at the meter and making sure the safety pin is not damaged. Most importantly, make sure you can still get out safely if the attempt to put out the fire fails.

Procedure for using a water fire extinguisher

Procedure for using a water fire extinguisher

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What procedure for using a water fire extinguisher?

1. Place the fire extinguisher on the ground at a safe distance from the fire, remove the safety pin and remove the seal. 2. Aim the hose at the base of the fire with one hand. Do not aim at the fire, but aim at the base moving the jet over the fire area.

3. Hold the lever in your other hand, then you begin to slowly squeeze the lever to drain the water. When the flame starts to go out, you can start moving closer.

4. Use the full contents of the water extinguisher, make sure the fire is completely extinguished to cool down the area to prevent the fire from re-igniting.

- To sum up with 4 procedure for using a water fire extinguisher The above will give you the basic knowledge, we always put fire safety more safely in life ... Good luck!!!

When using fire extinguishers, we always have to maintain them properly to help prolong their life.

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