Procedure for maintenance and maintenance of pumps Versar


Periodic maintenance and maintenance of Versar industrial pumps completely imported from Singapore is essential to help the entire pump system work better and more efficiently, helping the pump equipment to be safe in the long run. when operating.

For industrial pumps like today, regular maintenance is a must-do, necessary for a whole pump system. The maintenance and maintenance must follow the correct maintenance procedures for all equipment of the pump. Industrial pumps, in regular, continuous operation, proper maintenance must be carried out meticulously properly.

Procedure for maintenance and maintenance of pumps Versar


Versar pump lines are very diverse such as fire pumps, industrial pumps, standard water supply pumps, drainage pumps, sewage pumps, etc. In particular, it is also necessary to have the best maintenance and repair procedures to improve the life of the pump, so that the pump can operate smoothly over the years. Performing a proper maintenance and repair procedure for Versar pumps should pay attention to the following criteria:

1 is: Check and clean all mechanical and electrical equipment and the location of the water pump carefully and cleanly.

2 is : Check the entire pump for any oil and water leaks, if any need to be treated immediately.

3: If the machine has vibration when operating, you should tighten the bolts and nuts.

It should be noted: It is necessary to record the incidents (if any) so that it is easier to track later.


Procedure for maintenance and maintenance of pumps Versar

* What is the maintenance and repair process for Versar pumps?

For industrial pumps that often operate with a large capacity of 3500 - 4500 hours / year, the maintenance, repair and restoration are necessary force majeure. So the maintenance and repair process for Versar pumps includes the following steps:

a. Using an ohmmeter to measure the resistance of an electric motor: it is necessary to measure the resistance of the windings, the resistance between the windings and the earth and the resistance between the cable and the earth.

b. Measure the resistance of the thermal sensors on the coil and of the electric motor to earth, ensuring that the insulation is always at a safe level.

c. Check the cable connectors, check if the cable is grounded?

d. During the pump inspection process, it is necessary to combine with the removal and check of oil in the motor compartment by:

e. Remove the remaining oil in the cavity and check, if it is less than the initial amount of oil, the sealing quality is still good. If the oil is spilled, it means that the water has overflowed into the tank, it is necessary to change the oil and check to replace the sealing gasket. f. Clean electrical equipment (aptomat, relay, ...).

g. It is necessary to carry out maintenance and repair of the entire pump when the pump is operating for no more than 5 years or 16000 hours. Pull the pump onto a stable surface and perform the test: k. Remove the entire pump head in the motor compartment.

H. Remove the pump parts and clean, check for any wear or damage.

j. The electric motors also need to be removed and cleaned, the bearings checked and replaced if necessary, insulation painted and stator windings dried.

q. Check and ensure the safety of electrical equipment.

>> After doing all the above steps, we conduct an actual assessment of each device, during the inspection according to the maintenance and repair procedures of the Versar pump, if any device is no longer capable of operation, we can replaced with new equipment to ensure more efficient operation of the Versar pump system.


Procedure for maintenance and maintenance of pumps Versar


So what are the requirements for the maintenance and repair process of Versar pumps?

- After inspection, maintenance, it is necessary to evaluate whether the equipment is in good working order?

- Reassemble the equipment sequence, is the capacitor order guaranteed?

- The operating compartments must be sealed and leak-proof before being put into operation.

- Ensure the safety of all switches, power supply to avoid open, short circuit..

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