Price list of Shillafire fire sprinklers SL-14S SL-15B SL-15BQ

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: SL-14S,SL-15B,SL-15BQ

Price of shilla sprayer SL-14S, SL-15B, SL-15BQ: 0917.911.114
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Product information

- The ball valve is integrated the fire hose of a fire truck or petrochemical plant, so it can be opened and closed quickly, and it is light and sturdy. The aluminum material has a hard anodizing coating, so it has excellent corrosion resistance.

- Standard NH, BSP, British Quick, Makino Quick, STORZ and Gost.

Available in NH, BSP, Naromama, STORZ and Gost standards.

Copper material is available.

Model Dimensions Flow(@0.7MPa) Lenght (mm) Weight(kg) Structure Comment
SL-14S FE40 (1½”) 490 LPM 195 1.1 Aluminum Anodizing plating
SL-14SQ Machino 40 (1½”) 490 LPM 195 1,2
SL-15B FE65 (2½”) 945 LPM 295 2.1
SL-15BQ Machino 65 (2½”) 945 LPM 295 2.3


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