Price and structure of Meiji PU225-8A solenoid valve Fig 804 PN16

Manufacture: meiji
Product code: Meiji PU225-8A

Price and structure of the solenoid valve Meiji PU225-8A (Fig 804)
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- The 2-way solenoid valve is normally closed.

• Normally closed, can operate directly without pressure.

• Flu available: water, oil, gas, light, vacuum.

• Standard voltage: AC24V, 36V, 110v, 220v (50.60Hz). PCB, 24V, 110V.

• Allowable voltage: AC ± 10%, DC ± 1%.

• Connection: Thread to BS21 DESCRIPTION Working medium: Straight-through film configuration.

• Appearance: Normally Open or Normally Closed.

• Tools: Finished copper or stainless steel.

• Differential pressure: 0 ~ 1MPa, 0.5-16MPa

• Working pressure: 1MPa, 1.6MPa

• Average temperature: -5ºC ~ + 80ºC.

• Ambient temperature: -5ºC ~ + 60ºC.

• Voltage: AC (380V, 220V, 110V, 36V, 24V). DC (36V, 24V, 12V).


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