Pressurized Foam Tank PHYMW Series

Manufacture: INGESCO
Product code: PHYMW Series

APPLICATION: - The bladder tank technology is reliable and precise mixing method that is widespread in the fire fighting indusstry. This method allows the water/ foam ratio to remain stable by automatically adjusting to the variable flow rates and pressure conditions that may occur during system operation. - This feature makes bladder tanks particularly suitable for multiple hazard systems, sprinkler systems and any other system operating under variable, non predictable, flow and pressure conditions.


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- The foam bladder tank is a carbon steel pressure vesel containing an elastomeric seperation between water and foam concentrate. The bladder ensure no ruptures under operation condition permits water pressure to be transferred to the foam concentrate without the two fluids mixing together. A ratio controller, as described in a seperate data sheet, generates a water pressure drop by measn of a redu Áced cross section where the stream passes through it. As the foam concentrate pressure is higher than the pressure at the ratio controller, the foam start flowing towards the water and mixing at a calibrated rate, which is dependant on the water flow rate.


After foam tank conect with fire fighting pump and other assembly parts,keep water inlet valve 7 and liquid outlet valve opening, after control center received fire alarm signal, the fire fighting pump will start, foam tank will start working and transport foam to the fire place, put out te fire automatically.(note: if you install a control valve with foam propotional outlet, keep it opening.

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