Pressure reducing valve Meiji FIG 1002N PN16/25

Manufacture: meiji
Product code: FIG 1002N PN16/25

Pressure reducing valve-Meiji FIG 1002N PN16/25
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Product information

Type: Pilot control valve

- Construction: stainless steel - Size: DN 50-350mm

- Working pressure: 16/25 bar.

- Test pressure : Shell: 24/37.5 bar

- Working temperature: -10°C to 80°C

- Meets BS EN 1074-5, ISO 5208, BS EN 12266.1, BS EN 558-1 standards.

- Flange to JIS 10/16K, BS4504 PN16/25, ANSI #150/300

• Throttle valve to reduce high upstream pressure to constant downstream pressure.

• Adjustable setpoint reduction.

• Horizontal installation.

Operation method: 1. Will reduce higher upstream pressure and keep downstream pressure as pilot setting (Adjustable). 2. Regardless of the change of upstream pressure or downstream flow. Adjustment range: Standard: 25 ~ 175 psig, Optional: 100 ~ 300 psig Description of specifications The pressure relief control valve shall be a test operated diaphragm valve designed to automatically reduce the oscillating higher upstream pressure to a constant lower downstream pressure regardless of the varying flow rates.

• The main valve should be a diaphragm, hydraulically actuated, globe pattern valve. Y-pattern valves will not be allowed. The valve shall contain a disc and diaphragm assembly that forms a sealed chamber under the valve cover, separating the operating pressure the line pressure. The diaphragm shall be constructed of reinforced nylon (EPDM + Nylon Fabric) and shall not seal directly to the valve seat and shall be fully supported by the valve body and cap. Diaphragm construction will not be allowed and there will be no pistons operating the main valve or any pilot controls.

• Main valve body and cover shall be ductile iron ASTM A536 or GJS 500-7 and all internal castings shall be ductile iron or stainless steel (SUS304). All ductile iron components, including the body and lid, must be lined with an NSF 61 certified Epoxy coating applied by thermoelectric synthesis. All main valve adjusting components (valve seat and disc guide) shall be ductile iron in stainless steel ASTM A536 or GJS 500-7 or SUS304. The valve body and cover must be machined with a 360-degree locating lip to ensure proper alignment.

• Disc unit and diaphragm must contain EPDM + Nylon Fraric securely held on either side by a disc holder and disc guide. Membrane assembly using bolts or cap screws for the retaining component will not be allowed.

• The contact part of the EPDM+ nylon fabric must contact the valve seat and be sealed. The disc and diaphragm assemblies must be guided by two separate bearings, one installed in the valve cover and the other concentrically located in the valve seat, to prevent deflection and to ensure positive disc contact. Central guide valve will not be allowed. All necessary repairs must be made the top of the valve while the body remains in alignment.

• Pilot control system for valve must have external Y filter, Closing speed, pressure relief pilot and ball valve on all body connections. All pilot control systems will use SUS304 fittings regardless of valve size. The pressure relief pilot's adjustment range should be 25 ~ 175 psi (100 ~ 300 psi selection).



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