Pressure Balance Pump System Creates HD Fire Foam

Manufacture: HD Fire
Product code: HD Fire Foam

The HD Fire Foam Pressure Balancing Pump System is a part of the Foam Fire Fighting System
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Application of Pressure Balancing Pump System for Foam HD Fire The HD Fire Foaming Pressure Balanced Pump System precisely controls the flow of concentrated foam the water stream. The system automatically controls the concentrated foam over a range of flows and pressures, without the need for manual adjustment. This system is commonly used in stationary foam systems and specialized mobile equipment to protect foam tanks, offshore platforms, hangers, docks, rack loads and in many other applications and in all kinds of dangers. HD Fire Pressure Balanced Pumping System-Foam Fire Extinguishing System


Hệ Thống Bơm Cân Bằng Áp Lực Tạo Foam HD Fire-Hệ thống chữa cháy Foam

Specifications of HD Fire Foam Balancing Pressure Pumping System The basic HD Fire Foaming Pressure Balancer Pump System uses a working principle based on the use of a modified venturi device called "proportional controller. When water flows through a faucet at At the inlet of the proportional controller, a low pressure area is created between the inlet nozzle and the downflow section called the diffuser.This low pressure area causes the foam concentrate to flow through a metering hole at Condensed in produces a corresponding pressure drop across the foam concentrate gauge hole.This corresponding pressure change results in a flow of foam concentrate, proportional to the water flow through the proportional controller. the water pressure ratio controller and the condensate supply side above the metering hole is connected to a bypass valve which automatically adjusts the condensate pressure to the water pressure by recirculating the condensate. concentrate flow in the return line to the concentrator tank. The HD Fire Foam Balancing Pump System can also equalize pressure using a manually adjustable globe valve to read equal pressure readings of the water meter and the foam concentrate meter (or through the duplex measurement). This system is available as a sliding unit, in various flow ranges ranging 150 to 18000 LPM. Each slide consists of a positive displacement pump, a pump drive, electrical control, bypass valve, manual control valve, proportional controller, connecting pipes in stainless steel with various control valves, check valve, discharge and discharge valve. The system is also available to operate in automatic mode. Careful inspection and maintenance of HD Fire Foam Pressure Balancing Pump System A qualified and trained person must commission the system. After several initial successful tests, an authorized person must be trained to perform system testing and testing. A physical check of the system should be performed at least once a week. The inspector should verify that all valves are in the proper positions as required by the HD Fire Foam Balancing Pump System and that there is no damage to any components. Do not turn off the system or any valves to repair or inspect the system, without placing a mobile Fire Brigade in the area covered by the system. Patrols should continue until the system is back up and running. Also notify local security guards and control alarm stations, so that false alarms will not be signaled. The system must be periodically checked for its normal operating condition. All valves must be verified for its normal operating condition. The electrical controls must also be verified. The system must be operated periodically to verify its normal operating condition according to the test instructions provided with the equipment. All HD Fire Foam Balancing Pump Systems must be fully inspected at least once a year in accordance with applicable NFPA codes, or as directed by a local authority.



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