Pre-Action Valve

Manufacture: Sewoong
Product code: Valve

Pre-Action Valve


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Product information

Information product:

Pre-Action valve (open type) is a detection device of water leakage for dry type of sprinkler system. It is also used for the close type and open type sprinkler head equipment and vapor fire fighting etc. 2nd piping needs no insulation work. When firing, the electric moving ball valve will be opened to discharge water by pushing the switch of supervisory panel or by sensor.

Product advantages:

- Pre-action valve is easy to operate and the maintenance is convnient
- In emergency, electric moving ball valve can be opened manually.

- Pre-action valve is open type operated by sensor, and it could be opened until the 1st opening and closing valve is closed.

Dimension: 80A, 100A, 125A, 150A


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