PPD-100, Detnov fire alarm button

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: PPD-100

Resettable fire stop button
✔️Blue , With test key, surface mount. Protective cap included, Indoor use, Includes a 100 Ohm -2W resistor. Dimensions: 98 x 98 x 48 mm


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information

°Common resettable push button

° Includes key to reset button

° Includes a 100 2W resistor for alarm level


Volgate 9 to 28VCC
Consume while waiting <100 µA
Consume when alarm <100 mA
Temperature -10ºC đến 70ºC
Humidity 95%
Protection class IP40
Size 87 mm x 87 mm x 58,5 mm
Structure ABS

Dimension drawing

PPD-100,Nút nhấn báo cháy Detnov

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