Powder fire extinguishers 35kg Trolley BC

Manufacture: China
Product code: MFZT35

BC 35kg MFZT35 fire extinguisher trolley has a large fire extinguishing powder, high fire extinguishing effect, large fire extinguishers, stabbing flame for long time, used for stamping fires. Caused by oil, flammable liquids, gas, electrical equipment, metal materials with a wide range of activities, fire protection for factories, offices, petrol stations, yards, schools, Hotel ... Because the tank is placed on two wheels so moving to a place of fire quickly, gently.


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Product information
Type of pot Tank Trolley 35kg
Brand China
Fire extinguisher Powder

1. Technical specification: 

  •  Product name: MFZ35
  • Name: BC Powder Fire Extinguisher MFZ35
  • Capacity = 35±2.0 kg
  • Standard spray time: ≥ ...
  • Spray range: ≥ 9m
  • The best operating temperature: 20~55
  • Operating pressure(MPa) 1.2
  • Water test (MPa) 2.5
  • Packingi: 1 bottle / carton

2. Uses:

BC 35kg industrial fire extinguisher with trolley. Often used in gas stations, workshops, companies and workshops you should be equipped for effective fire protection and prevention in any incident.

BC 35kg powder extinguisher with a powder weight of 35 kg. Use BC powder for fire extinguishing of solids, liquids, gases and flammable liquefied gases, BC powder can not fire metal.

BC Powder Flakes can be used to fire low voltage (below 1000V).

3. How to use:

- Move the switch to the fire location.
- Shake a few times if the gas powder pushed together with flour.
- Shock the lead clamp.
- the tip of the speaker to spray fire.
- Keep containers at a distance of 4 - 1.5 m depending on type of tank.
Squeeze valve to extinguish powder.
- When the gas is weak, approach and spray the speaker to extinguish the fire completely.

BC 35kg trolley fire extinguishers have carts that can keep you safe fires caused by flammable chemicals.

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