Powder Fire Extinguisher BC 4kg

Manufacture: China
Product code: MFZ4

The BC 4kg MFZ4 Powder Fire Extinguisher is an ultra portable mercury vapor, coupled with its powerful fire retardancy, to ensure absolute safety for your home. Used mainly in home, office, small boarding house, small workshop. Efficient and user-friendly.


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Product information
Type of pot 4kg portsble pot
Brand ABC
Fire Extinguisher Powder

1. Technical Specification:

  • Product code : MFZL4
  • Warranty  : 01 year.
  • Origin : China.
  • Weight  : 04 kg.
  • Total weight: 5.6 kg.
  • Height: 45 cm.
  • Diameter : 13 cm.

2. Features:

- Powder fire fighting  ang gas are sealed in the jar so it is dificult to be moist, lumps, long life and safety. 

- Storage temperature -10ºC to 55ºC.

As the pressure injection in BC 4kg powder extinguishers drops relatively, the effective fire extinguish time is about 10 seconds, with a maximum spraying range of 4m.

- Non-toxic, harmless powder for humans, livestock and the environment.

3. Design :

BC 4kg Fire Extinguisher is a powder fire extinguisher, the body is made of cast steel, traditional cylinder and the outside is painted red.

- The valve on the BC 4kg powder extinguisher is a one-way valve type, or one-way compression spring compression valve with upper valve, the same as the handler. There is a lead lock that secure the pot.

- The sprayer of the BC 4kg flask is made of rubber, or hard plastic and is connected to the valve of the pot through a rigid steel pipe or soft tube.

- The amount of extinguishing agent in fire extinguish powder BC is 4kg.

- On the bottle body labeling characteristics of the bottle, how to use, use it with any fire, ...

4. How to use:

- Transfer to nearby fire location.
- Shake a few times if the gas powder pushed together with flour (MFZ).
- Shock the lead clamp.
- the head wind direction speakers spray the fire.
- Keep containers at a distance of 4 - 1.5 m depending on type of tank.
Squeeze valve to extinguish powder.
- When the gas is weak, approach and spray the speaker to extinguish the fire completely.

5. Noted:

- Read the instructions, grasp thoroughly the effect of each type of fire to arrange the fire fires accordingly.

- When spraying: If outside fire must stand at the top of the wind direction, if it is in fire, it should stand near the door.

- When spraying, the fire must be stopped completely to stop spraying.

- When extinguishing the fire, the liquid must be sprayed on the burning surface, avoiding direct spraying of the liquid to prevent them firing, causing a larger fire.

- When spraying, depending on each fire and the amount of gas in the tank, the position and distance to spray.

- When spraying keep the bottle in vertical position.

Used fire extinguishers should be kept separate the confusion.

You can refer to more: ABC powder fire extinguisher 8kg

Please contact us at pcccdongnam.vn for more advice on fire protection equipment. We are  always ready to serve you! 

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