Powder Fire Extinguisher ABC 8kg

Manufacture: China
Product code: ABC MFZ8

Powder fire extinguisher ABC 8kg MFZ8 has a high fire retardancy, retains flame retardation for long periods, used to fire the fire generated by oil, flammable liquids, gas, Metal material with flexible range of operation, fire protection for factories, offices, petrol stations, yards, schools, hotels, houses, cars ...


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Product information
Type of pot Portable pot 8kg
Brand China
Fire extinguisher Powder

1.  Technical specification:

  • Product Name: Fire Extinguisher Powder ABC 8kg
    Material Type: ABC Powder
    Weight of powdered load: 8kg
    Size: 8 ± 0.16
    Working pressure: 1.2 MPa
    Discharge Range: ≥5.0
    Discharge time: ≥12
    Working temperature: -20 ~ +550C
    Origin: China

2. Uses:

The ABC 8kg fire extinguisher is highly effective in fire suppression, maintains flame retardation for long periods of time, used to fire off the fire generated by oil, flammable liquids, gas, electrical equipment and materials. Metals with flexible operating range, fire protection for factories, offices, petrol stations, yards, schools, hotels, houses, cars ...
Fire Extinguishers: Hand Fire Extinguishers and Fire Extinguishers BC, ABC, CO2, Halogen, Halon. Fire Extinguishing Valves, Fire Extinguish Valves of all kinds - Fire Extinguishers, Fire Extinguishers of China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore .... Fire extinguishers, fire cabinets, wall fire extinguishers. Spinker, Drecher (USA, China, Singapore), 2-stop fire hydrant, 3-door fire hydrant (BQP, China). Command Line - Fire Prevention Regulations ...
- The letters on the 8kg fire extinguisher show the fire extinguishing ability of the flames against different fires. Specific:

+ A: Cure fires such as solid wood, paperboard, cardboard and most self-adhesive products

+ B: Cure fires such as petrol, alcohol, alcohol ...
+ C: Gas fire fighting: gas
- The numerator showing the weight of the powder loaded in the pot, in kilograms.

- With the type of flask type ABC used to extinguish most of the fires of solid, liquid, gas and electrical appliances with electricity up to 380v.

- Flasks suitable in the case of petroleum fires and petroleum products.

3. How to use:

- Transfer to nearby fire location.

- Shake a few times if the gas powder pushed together with flour (MFZ).

- Shock the lead clamp.

- the direction of the direction of the wind direction of the speakers to spray fire.

- Keep the tank at a distance of 4 - 1.5m depending on type of tank.

Squeeze valve to extinguish powder.

- When the gas is weak, approach and spray the speaker to extinguish the fire completely.

4. Noted when use:

- Read the instructions, grasp thoroughly the effect of each type of fire to arrange the fire fires accordingly.
- When spraying, it must stand at the head of the wind direction (external fire); Stand near the door (in fire).
- When the spray must be completely stopped spraying.
- When extinguishing the fire, the liquid must be sprayed on the burning surface, avoiding direct spraying of the liquid to prevent them firing out, to burn more.
- When spraying, depending on each fire and the amount of gas in the tank, the position and distance to spray.
Used fire extinguishers should be kept to avoid confusion.
- When spraying keep the bottle in vertical position.

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