Pccc Diesel Pump FD80R,Electric Pump Quotation

Manufacture: Naffco
Product code: FD80R

Pccc Diesel Pump FD80R UL / FM standard manufactured by Naffco-UAE
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Detailed description of Pccc Diesel Pump FD80R

Pccc Diesel Pump FD80R (Naffco UL/FM) is specially designed and manufactured for combat applications according to UL1247 standard. The better torque characteristics of these motors ensure reliable operation in emergency conditions. These engines are UL listed and comply with the requirements for diesel engine drives as detailed in NFPA 20. Engines are tested at the factory prior to shipment to ensure that they meet the ratings. certifi ed performance.

Specifications of Pccc Diesel Pump FD80R


Máy Bơm Pccc Diesel FD80R-Báo Giá Máy Bơm Điện


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