P1-10K-150 overflow valve (Fasco Korea)

Manufacture: Fasco
Product code: P1-10K-150

Product Origin: Korea Standard: UL/FM


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information

Van xả tràn P1-10K-150 - helps fire protection system (fire protection) brand FESCO manufacturer of fire protection equipment. UL/FM standard alarm valve products are designed according to international standards with compact size, simplicity and lightness to meet effective and cost-effective fire protection systems.

Models of overflow valves:

1. Overflow valve P1-10K-80

2. Overflow valve P1-10K-100

3. Overflow valve P1-10K-150

4. Overflow valve P1-16K-100

5. Overflow valve P1-16K-150

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