OSI-RI-SS, System Sensor Smart Beam Smoke Alarm

Manufacture: System Sensor
Product code: OSI-RI-SS

This OSI-RI-SS smart single-head beam smoke detector is easy to install - only one side needs to be wired
⭐Case construction: ABS plastic, Accessories included with reflector, UL standard, main warranty 12 months brand, nationwide delivery, consultation and quotation for tyco viking open sprinkler head HV14


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Product information


• Combo transmitter/receiver

• 12° . wide field of view

• Quick, easy and intuitive beam alignment indicated by diagonal arrow LED direction

• Long range coverage of 5-100 m (16-328 ft) is standard; No separate range kit required

• Highly resistant to displacement; withstand movement +/- 1°

• Withstand strong light sources; No alarm when saturated by sunlight

• Resist the ingress of solid objects

• Automatic sensitivity threshold level setting

• Adjustable beam horizontal 50° and vertical 20°

• Integrated image heater is standard

• Remote test station capable of testing electronically simulated smoke the ground

• Standby, fault and warning LED indicators are visible the front and bottom

• Automatic drift compensation

• Paintable housings/cases

• Removable plug-in terminal block

• Optional heater available for reflector


Physical / Operational Specifications
Dimensions of the detector

Height 6 ”(152,4 mm); width 10 ”(254 mm); Deep 4,5 ”(114,3 mm)

Mirror size

Height 9,06 ”(230 mm); width 7,87 ”(200 mm)

Installation weight 2.48 lbs (1.12 kg)
Weight+packing box 3.91 lbs (1.77 kg)
Measuring wires for terminals 14 AWG (2.08 mm²)
Electrical Specifications OSI-RI-SS
Operating voltage 15 to 32 VDC (24 VDC nominal)
Maximum standby current 13 mA @ 32 VDC (once per second device) 14 mA @ 24 VDC (once per second device) 20 mA @ 15 VDC (once per second device)
Maximum alarm current (LED on) 22 mA @ 32 VDC (once per second device) 15 mA @ 24 VDC (once per second device) 22 mA @ 15 VDC (once per second device)
Environmental Specifications
humidity 0 to 95%
Temperature UL listed for use 32°F to 100°F (0°C to 37.8°C) Application temperature range: -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to 131°) F)
Electrical Specifications: BEAMHKR
Voltage range 15 to 32 V
Maximum current 450 mA Max at 32 V
Power consumption 7.7 W @ 24 V 15 W @ 32 V
Electrical Specifications: RTS151KEY, RTS151KEY-A
Voltage range 10.2 to 32 VDC
Consume 9 mA Min to 11 mA Max
Standard OSI-RI-SS,Báo khói chùm tia thông minh 1 đầu System Sensor

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