Ordinary wireless emergency button SGCP100

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: SGCP100

Manual fire alarm push button for general indoor radio systems
✔️ Designed, manufactured and certified according to EN54-11 and EN54-25 standards, Equipped with twin lithium batteries to ensure safe operation button for about 5 years , fully supervised ,Equipped with LED alarm , Supplied with integrated surface base, plastic element and reset or test key. Degree of protection IP54 ,Red. Dimensions: 87 x 87 x 58 mm ,Working frequency 868MHz.


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Product information

+ Features

- Bidirectional wireless communication

- 3rd party approval for EN54-11 & EN54-25

- A resettable element

- Self-optimization of wireless frequency and amplitude algorithms Using standard low-cost lithium battery technology

- Expected battery life 5 years 5-year product warranty

-High reliability

+ Specifications

- Operating frequency range 868 - 870 MHz

- Maximum radiated power 5dBm (3mW) One type of radio signal modulation FSK

- 7 . operating frequency channels

- One communication range with Interpreter Module or extension 150 m (in open space)

- IP Rating 42 A Dimensions 86 mm x 86 mm 59 mm

- Weight (without battery) 186g - CR123A main battery (3 V & 1.2 Ah)

- Extra battery CR2032A (3 V & 0.24 Ah)

- Main battery life (typical) 5 years

- Extra battery life (typical) 2 months

- Operating temperature (no freezing) -10°C to +55°C A

- Maximum humidity (non-condensing) 95% RH - BS EN 54-11: Manual call point

- BS EN 54-25: Components using radio link and system requirements

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