N-SG-01 and N-SG-02 gallonage adjustable spray nozzle

Manufacture: Newage
Product code: N-SG-01 và N-SG-02

Specially designed to provide self-regulating pressure Selectable gallonage nozzle with multiple flow settings ✅ Wear and corrosion resistant  Durable lightweight hard anodic construction Straight to thick fog stream Special
⭐Ball valve for flow control
⭐ Non-slip molded rubber pistol grip  Female inlet with instant male coupling, NH thread NFPA 1964 compliant


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Product information


Model Size   Weight (lbs) / Kg

Flow @ 100PSI (7kg / cm²)

Connetion Type

2 ½” Male Instantaneous

NH (F) Threads

NST(F) Threads

BSP (F) Threads

N-SG-01 1 ½” 10” 5.7 / 2.06 30(115)-60(225)- 95(360)-125 (473)
N-SG-02 1 ½” 10” 6.2/ 2.8 95(360)-125(475)- 150(565)-200(750)- 250(950)


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