Note when buying a fire extinguisher in the car


A car fire extinguisher is one of the equipment that drivers must buy for their car. In particular, passenger cars from 4 to 9 seats must be equipped with one of the following types of fire extinguishers: Foam tank under 5L, powder tank under 4kg, water bottle with fire-extinguishing additives under 5L, gas tank CO2 less than 4kg.

Depending on the type of vehicle with different weights, you will look to buy different types of extinguishers to best suit your needs, avoiding the situation of buying an extinguisher that is too small or too large, which is inconvenient in the process of arranging the fire extinguisher on the vehicle. car. Whether your fire extinguisher is a powder, gas or liquid extinguisher, you need to determine whether they have proper stamps and labels with inspection certificates from the authorities to avoid buying fake goods. Counterfeit goods not only have no effect on firefighting but can even affect your own safety.


Note when buying a fire extinguisher in the car

- On the body of the fire extinguisher in the car or on the importer's stamp, there must be complete basic information about fireproof materials and ingredients. For vehicles with compact sizes, you will also easily find and buy compact fire extinguishers to easily arrange on the vehicle.

- An important note when using a fire extinguisher for a car is that you must pay attention to the position of the extinguisher. Specifically, you must place the vase in a dry, cool location when the temperature does not exceed 50 - 55 degrees Celsius. You also must not place the vase in locations with direct sunlight such as areas A-pillar, storage tray under the rearview mirror, dashboard area, etc. because high summer temperatures can create a risk of fire extinguisher explosion. - We recommend that you place fire extinguishers in locations such as under the seat, in the door compartment, under the front passenger's feet, etc

. - places that are easy to detect and convenient to use in case of an accident. try. You should also not leave car fire extinguishers within the reach of children. Depending on the type of fire extinguisher, the usage time will be different, so you should regularly check and understand their expiration date to ensure that the fire extinguisher will always be able to operate for a long time. every situation and in the best condition. Normally, a powder bottle weighing about 1kg can last for 5 years, while a CO2 tank depends on the amount of gas inside.


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