Newage Pressure Limiting Valve ,Pressure Stabilizing Valve

Manufacture: Newage
Product code: Pressure Limiting Valve

Newage pressure limit valve also known as Pressure Stabilizer Valve ⭐
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Details Newage Pressure Limiting Valve , Pressure Stabilizing Valve

Van giới hạn áp suất Newage, Van Ổn định áp suất

Designed to relieve excess line pressure. Simple and can be used an independent pressure limiting device The opening of the Controlled Valve restricts the volume of water and thus reduces the pressure of the water The valves are similar to standard landing valves but with a specially designed mechanism built the body and bonnet to limit the distance the valve can be opened. The valve design is not capable of reducing outlet pressure under no-flow conditions. If low supply pressure conditions arise, the adjustable gauge body can be overridden by removing the stopper allowing for full valve opening and unrestricted water flow. Unlike pressure regulating valves, pressure limiting valves do not affect the static pressure of the system. Gunmetal construction for corrosion resistance and seawater applications Available in 1.5 inch and 2.5 inch V sizes Inlet - Flange or threaded Socket - Threaded / Instant British Standard / Russian Gost / Storz


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