Newage N-DP-01 dual-pressure quick-response gun nozzle

Manufacture: Newage
Product code: N-DP-01

Special design gives low back pressure
⭐ Specially designed dual pressure nozzle  At emergency mode (at low pressure), nozzle maintains same performance  Durable light hard anodized construction  Straight stream to wide fog and flush without shut off  Sliding valves allows turbulence free flow  Moulded rubber bumper with flexible fog teeth creates thick fog pattern Metallic pistol grip handle designed for greater comfort and control of fire NFPA 1964 compliant


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Product information


Model Size Input size



Lưu lượng @ 100PSI (7kg / cm²)

Input Type
Standard (mode) Emergency situation (mode)

2 ½” Male Instantaneous

NH (F) Threads

NST(F) Threads

BSP (F) Threads

N-DP-01 1 ½ 8 ½ 5.9 / 2.7 185 700 224 850


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