NetworX Center 8Zone NX-8

Manufacture: USA
Product code: NX-8

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Product information

- NetworX NX-8 Control Center:

- Expandable to 48 programmable zones

- Possibility to extend radio zones

- Can be divided 8 independent partitions

- All zones can be programmed for fire alarm / burglar alarm

- There are 99 codes for users

- Can connect 2 wire or 4 wire smoke detector

- Allow/disallow upload/download

- Design the board according to the module structure

- 4 programmable outputs for 47 events

- Swinger shutdown (automatic bypass when detecting false alarms)

- Horn monitoring

- Allow to enter reluctant monitoring mode (bypass)

- Automatically enter monitoring mode

- Verify fire alarm information

- Prioritize the phone line for the system

- In-board horn controller

- Three emergency keys

- Self-check the tank

- Manufacturer: Networx (GE)

- Origin: USA

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