Naffco Handheld Fire Extinguisher NF-FB320

Manufacture: INGESCO
Product code: NF-FB320

Naffco Portable Fire Extinguisher (NF-FB320) is a 100% good hand-held fire hose connection nozzle  Latest price list of fire fighting equipment  Prestigious importer and distributor Southeast Company
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Product information

Lăng Phun Chữa Cháy Cầm tay Naffco (NF-FB320)

Naffco Handheld Fire Extinguisher (NF-FB320) is made of a combination of Aluminum and plastic. Control the water flow by means of SHUT, JET and SPRING. Branch tubes have male instantaneous coupling inputs.

Specifications of Naffco Handheld Fire Spray Hose (NF-FB320)


Lăng Phun Chữa Cháy Cầm tay Naffco (NF-FB320)


Features and characteristics

• BSI Kitemark Certification

• Hand-held branch pipes are manufactured in compliance with BS EN 15182-1: 2007 & BS EN 15182-3: 2007+ A1: 2009

• Body and Tip made of aluminum

• Polyamide tube material Applications

• Industrial and rural fire brigade as well as building protection.

• For general industrial, commercial and civil engineering applications.

• Ideal for fire departments and professional industrial services.

• Oil refineries, Armed Forces, Airports, Ships, Oil rigs, Heavy industry Maintenance Instructions

• Keep it in its cover.

• After use, drain the water and disconnect the faucet.

• Every 6 months, verify active leverage & Jet/Spray

Types of fire sprinkler.... HERE


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