Naffco Foam Tank UL FM

Manufacture: Naffco
Product code: Foam Tank UL FM

Naffco Foam Tank (UL/FM) is the best fire fighting equipment available today, UL/FM standard Prestigious Southeast Import and Distribution Company Quality  Genuine warranty commitment
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Product information

The Naffco Foam Tank UL FM is a complete self-contained proportional system consisting of a bladder tank, proportional controller and assembly piping. It is designed to pump foam that concentrates on the water source of a fire protection system and automatically scales it over a wide range of flows and pressures without the use of an external power source.

Bồn Chứa Foam Naffco (UL/FM) - Dạng đứng, nằm

Bồn chứa Foam đứng

Bồn Chứa Foam Naffco (UL/FM) - Dạng đứng, nằm

Bồn chứa Foam Naffco nằm ngang

Specifications Naffco Foam Tank UL FM

Bồn Chứa Foam Naffco (UL/FM) - Dạng đứng, nằm

Features of naffco foam foam tank Requires less space than foam pumps Designed for maximum discharge Welded permanently lift the lugs for easy tub movement and positioning The tub is red glazed outside and High quality epoxy coating

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