Naffco Electric Motor NMCM UL standard

Manufacture: Naffco
Product code: NMCM

Naffco NMCM Electric Motor UL-standard manufactured by Naffco UAE
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Product information

National Motors UL Standard Naffco NMCM Electric Motor includes motors designed for fire pump applications as specified in NFPA 20 (Standard for Fixed Pump Installation for Fire Protection). They are UL certified according to the requirements of UL 1004-5 'Standards for Fire Pump Motors'. These three phase horizontal low voltage squirrel cage medium induction motors are engineered and manufactured to the requirements of Standard Design NEMA MG 1 B. These certified motors comply with performance requirements. of the engine as outlined in the EISA (Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007).

Motor Điện Naffco NMCM chuẩn UL

Parameters of Naffco Electric Motor NMCM

Motor Điện Naffco NMCM chuẩn UL


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