Naffco Double Hose Fire Hose Roll NF FH38DJ, NF FH65DJ ,UL Standard

Manufacture: Naffco
Product code: NF-FH38DJ, NF-FH65DJ

Naffco Double Hose Fire Hose Roll (NF-FH38DJ, NF-FH65DJ)- UL standard in lengths of 50, 70, 100 and subject to UL19, NFPA 1961/UL Listed standard requirements
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Product information

Naffco Twin Hose Hose Reel (NF-FH38DJ, NF-FH65DJ)-UL Standard with this durable, double jacketed hose is constructed of 100% high-tensile polyester yarn, both wrapped and filled, and lined. with a high-tech EPDM tube. Its engineering design ensures minimal weight with maximum durability and flexibility. UL listed double jacketed fire hydrants and assemblies to this specification shall be constructed of high quality materials, manufactured to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. ) in 1961.

- Outstanding wear resistance.

- Hard, reliable and light strike faucet. A contrasting color strip running the entire length of the hose can be supplied the jacket to meet NFPA recommendations for pump control panels.


Specifications of Naffco Double Hose Fire Hose Reel (NF-FH38DJ, NF-FH65DJ)

-UL Standard - White, Red

- Length 50, 70, 100

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