Multron Trolley ABC Tank EXT-ABC-25K and EXT-ABC-50K

Manufacture: Multron
Product code: EXT-ABC-25K & EXT-ABC-50K

ABC Dry Powder Trolley Fire Extinguisher Extinguisher is suitable for mixed environments with explosion hazard This range offers a combination of fire performance and ease of service
⭐ Vehicle parts The propulsion can be operated by one person and is suitable for areas with high explosion risk such as industrial facilities. Cylinders are deep-rolled cold-rolled steel with hot-forged brass actuated valves equipped with pressure indicators. Coated with epoxy powder, the cylinder provides high resistance to corrosion. Designed according to EN 1866 requirements and manufactured by our ISO 9001 quality management system.


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Product information

Bình ABC xe đẩy Multron EXT-ABC-25K & EXT-ABC-50K


Full capacity 25 kg 50 kg
total weight 50 kg 83 kg
Size A 380 mm 420 mm
Size B 460 mm 520 mm
Size H1 885 mm 1100 mm
Size H2 1020 mm 1200 mm
Diameter D Ø252mm Ø298mm
Discharge range 8 – 10 metres
Temperature -20oC to 55 oC
Working pressure 15 bar
Test pressure 30 bar
Wheel size Ø242mm x 32 mm
Pipe x Length Ø25 mm x 5 metre


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