Multiple Defense Fire Mist Tomb

Manufacture: forede
Product code: Multiple Defense

Multiple Defense Multi-Purpose Fire Nozzle provides the ability to spray both fine bore and mist at the same time
⭐ , Protective nozzle can operate effectively at pressures as low as 50 psi to reduce rescuer fatigue fire, or up to 100 psi for maximum flow , This versatile, multipurpose nozzle is great for a wide range of applications with water and foam , Combination of solid stream and mist spray Multiple Defense fire hydrant with the ability to flow independently or simultaneously. Solid bores must have field-changeable tips with 3/4'' or 1'' holes (others can be customized) and fog will flow 135 gpm @ 100 psi or 500 lpm @ 7 bar. Nozzles should have pistol grips, rotating teeth, multiple patterned probes, discharge without shutting off, mist flow interrupter, and full-time rotating inlet.


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Weight 3,1 kg
Spray type Combine Fog / Smooth Bore
Structure Hard anodized aluminum alloy
Input 2,5 ''
Lengt 290 mm
Withd 110 mm
Height 220 mm
Floww 500 + 300 LPM @ 7 bar


1) Can be mounted with quick attack foam hose.

2) With Pistol Grip.

3) Both smooth and fog bore are available at the same time.

4) 4 pattern drill holes, smooth bore (Jet) - fine mist and mist borehole - wider - Discharge.

5) 360° rotatable input.


- Fire and rescue services

- Defense fields

- Strawberry when

- Petrochemical installation


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