Mounting base for smart CO detector system sensor B200S

Manufacture: System Sensor
Product code: B200S

B200S-LF & B200S
⭐ Addressable, Syncable Smart Audio Controller Base, Designed for New and Existing Residential Unit Applications, Construction: ABS, Standard: UL FM Latest price of smoke detector: 0917.911.114


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information

B200S . series features

• Maximum configuration flexibility

• Two volume levels (75 or 85 dBA)

• Multiple event tone outputs

• Supports Continuity, ANSI Temporal 3, ANSI Temporal 4, and March negative time

• Ability to customize tones with several FACP models

• Ability to synchronize with System Sensors other than notification devices

• UL 268 and UL 464 compliant

• Wire front mounting plate suitable for various junction box sizes

• Mechanical locking feature prevents removal of the sensor head

• Additional terminal connection on Canadian model (B200SA) with silent enabled

• 520 Hz +/– 10% square wave tone (B200S-LF)


Alarm level

Up to 35 mA (at High Volume setting)

Up to 15 mA (at Low Volume setting)

Diameter of dyke 6,875 "(17,46 cm)
Sole height Sensors smaller than 2.0" (5.08 cm)
Provide backup current Max 500 µA
External supply voltage 16 to 33 VDC (VFWR)
Humidity Relative humidity 10% to 93%, no condensation
Temperature Consult the applicable sensor operating temperature range using the base/sensor Cross Reference chart
Packing weight 0,50 lb. (227 gm)
Voltage SLC 15 to 32 VDC
Standby line SLC 300 A max (base only, refer to current sensor specs
Output đầu ra High volume: At least 85 dBA - measured in UL echo chamber at 10 ft. 24 Volts (at continuous tone) Low volume: At least 75 dBA - measured in UL echo chamber at 10 ft. 24 Volts (continuous tone)
Standard Đế gắn đầu báo CO thông minh system sensor B200S

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