Mistakes in the design and construction of fire protection systems - Part 1


The construction of a fire protection system to ensure fire safety is no longer a strange thing for us. However, the design and construction process of the fire protection system must be carried out in accordance with the standards, otherwise they will not bring the desired effect. Here are the mistakes when constructing the pccc system you need to pay attention to:

Normally, bidding packages for construction of fire protection items of high-rise buildings today are often of large scale and value if the investor pays much attention to the fire safety of that building. However, in reality, not all investors really pay attention properly. Although many contractors or buildings advertise that they have quality and modern fire protection systems, that is not necessarily the case. 10 years ago there was a big fire in the city center. Ho Chinh Minh caused a lot of damage to people and property along with countless other large and small fires... which is clear evidence of the poor quality of the current firefighting system.


Mistakes in the design and construction of fire protection systems - Part 1


We can point out some incorrect techniques in pccc construction as follows:

- Automatic spray heads only really explode and spray water when the temperature is greater than 70 degrees Celsius.

- There are extremely important coiled fire hose equipment that can only be placed in the hallway. When a nozzle automatically opens to release water, there will be a pressure drop in the pipe. Self-starting pump to pump water to supply the system. When the power goes out, the Diesel engine comes to the rescue. This is a popular design used by high-rise buildings today, but errors appear when a fire occurs.

- Although many automatic sprinklers in today's buildings are equipped, they do not meet the operational efficiency when a fire occurs. That is the temperature does not reach the threshold of 70 degrees Celsius for detonation. When there are fires with both fire and smoke, waiting until the fire temperature reaches 70 degrees Celsius is a very long time and at that time is enough to cause a lot of damage. This nozzle is arranged on the ceiling at a height of 2.5 - 3m, so if a smoldering fire occurs, it will definitely take a long time for the nozzle to explode. This is the reason we point out, if buildings apply automatic sprinklers like these, when an incident occurs, they will never help you rescue yourself. If there is, it's only a few percent chance.


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