Meiji FIG dual wafer type check valve 154-16 BAR/ 232 PSI

Manufacture: meiji
Product code: 154-16 BAR/ 232 PSI

Double Door Check Valve  also known as 2-door check valve ✅ Meiji FIG 154-16 BAR / 232 PSI dual wafer type check valve  used for pccc system 100% imported Singapore
⭐  guaranteed ensure operating requirements for the system


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Product information

- FIG. 154, DOUBLE DOOR CHECK VALVE, 16 BAR/ 232 PSI - Installed in horizontal or vertical Bolt with line up.

• Spring is closed to close and minimize backflow and hammer water.

• Easier and faster to install and maintain.

• All stainless steel wetting parts with epoxy coated body to provide High Corrosion Resistance.

- Structure: Cast iron and steel ASTM A126 CL.B - Size: DN 50 - 300 mm

- Working pressure: 16 bar/ 232 PSI

- Test pressure: Shell: 348 PSI, Seat: 255 PSI

- Working temperature: EPDM 85ºC

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