Meiji DN 50 65 mm angle valve for fire protection system

Manufacture: meiji
Product code: Meiji DN 50 65 mm

FIG. 227
⭐  ANGLE VALVE FOR FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM, PN16 ,Meiji angle valve for fire protection system , Shini angle valve catalog
⭐  DN50 fire valve, genuine imported, 12 months warranty


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Product information

The Angle Valve is an indoor fire-fighting equipment in high-story buildings, warehouses, factories, public buildings, ships. Etc

• It is usually complete with fire hose and nozzles.

• Threaded connection to BS21, ASME 1.20.1

- Structure: ductile steel, stainless steel 410

- Working pressure: 16 bar

- Test pressure: Shell: 24 bar, Seat: 17 Bar

- Working temperature: NBR 80°C, EPDM 120°C

- Paint: Red Epoxy Coating

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