Meiji 1008N Pressure Relief Valve, Meiji surge anticipation valve

Manufacture: meiji
Product code: 1008N

Surge Meiji 1008N pressure relief valve English name Meiji surge anticipation valve
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Product information

Type: Control Valve,

- Structure: stainless steel, carbon steel - Size: DN 50 - 800 mm

- Working pressure: 16/25 bar. - Test pressure : Shell: 24/37.5 bar

- Working temperature: -10°C to 80°C - Meets BS EN 1074-5, ISO 5208, BS EN 12266.1, BS EN 558-1 standards. - Flange to JIS 10/16K, BS4504 PN16/25, ANSI #150/300 Feature • Protection against water hammer. • Open on the initial low pressure wave. • Closes slowly to prevent further surgeries. • Adjustment on a wide flange of the installation • Predictive pilot is used for the sensor to open at rapid pre-rising pressure for rapid high-pressure wave relief. • The pre-open function eliminates spikes during sudden pump stops. • Valve releases excessive system pressure. • Horizontal installation Application - The main valve must be a diaphragm, hydraulically operated model valve actuated, globe or angle. Y-pattern valves shall not be permitted The valve shall contain a disc assembly and a diaphragm that forms a sealed cavity below the valve cover, separating pressure action line pressure. The diaphragm must be made of reinforced nylon (EPDM + Nylon cloth) and must not directly seal the valve seat and must be fully supported by the valve body and cover. Diaphragm construction will not be allowed and there will be no pistons operating the main valve or any pilot controls. - Main valve body and cover shall be ductile iron ASTM A536 or GJS 500-7 and all internal casting components shall be ductile iron or (SUS 304) stainless steel. All ductile iron components, including body and housing, must be lined with NSF 61 Certified Epoxy Coating applied by electrostatic fusion. All valve main adjusting parts (valve seat and guide disc) will be stainless Steel. Valve body and cover must be machined 360 degrees lip positioning to ensure proper alignment. - Disc unit and diaphragm must contain Buna-N neoprene (EPDM + Nylon webbing) securely held on either side by a disc holder and disc guide. Membrane assembly using bolts or cap screws for component retention will not be allowed. - The contact part of the EPDM + nylon fabric must contact the valve seat and seal the drip. The disc and diaphragm assembly must be guided by two separate bearings, one installed in the valve cover and the other concentrically located in the valve seat, to prevent deflection and ensure positive disc contact. Central guide valve will not be allowed. All necessary repairs must be made the top of the valve while the body is still lined up. Operate • Figure 1008N Discharge to atmosphere a tee in the pump discharge header. The valve predicts spikes due to power failure as well as acts as a standard pressure relief valve. • The Meiji Fig.1008N surge arrester is indispensable for protecting pumps, pumping equipment and all applicable piping dangerous pressure surges caused by rapid changes in flow rate in a pipeline • When the pumping system is gradually started and stopped, harmful surges do not occur. Should a power failure occur, however, sudden pump stops can cause dangerous surges in the system that can lead to serious equipment damage. • The sudden stop of the pump creates a pressure drop as the moving water column, with its inherent momentum, continues to move along the stream, creating severely low pressure. • When the moving water column loses momentum, it returns to the pump. Should it hit the closed check valve, very high surge pressure is generated and propagated throughout the system in the form of damaging waves with velocity up to the main valve. No quick relief valve can react fast enough to remove it. • Eliminating spikes requires anticipation and action in advance. Fig.1008N is well suited for this task. • Low pressure (predictive pilot #4) senses the initial pressure drop and opens. This instantly reacts allowing the remaining line pressure to quickly open the main valve. • Fig.1008N opened will release the return water column, minimizing the rise in line pressure. If the relief rate is not enough, and the pressure exceeds the high pressure (Relief/Maintain No. 3 pilot) setting, the pilot immediately opens, continuing to open the main valve. • When the system pressure stabilizes again at static pressure, both the pilot closes and the main valve begins to close. If the line pressurizes while the main valve is closed, the high pressure (Pilot Relief/Maintenance 3) stops the process quickly, preventing pressure continuing to rise. • Flow Body No. 3 Flow-limiting valve is required to prevent column and preserve closed pressure.

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