Meaning and importance of fire prevention


The basic goal of the Socialist regime in general and socialist Vietnam in particular is to help the people have a prosperous and happy life, and to ensure their lives and property. In order to ensure people's happiness, it is necessary to carry out various tasks, including fire prevention and fighting. So what is the meaning and importance of fire prevention? Let's find out together.

Nhưng tất cả mọi người đều biết, công tác phòng cháy nổ là một công tác hết sức quan trọng, bởi phòng cháy chữa cháy giúp hạn chế đến mức thấp nhất những nguy cơ ro mà cháy nổ gây ra cho người và tài sản của công nhân , tập thể và nước. Cháy nổ trong đời sống hàng ngày rất dẽ xảy ra, nếu không có những biện pháp đáp ứng kịp thời thì sẽ gây ra những hậu quả nguy hiểm, tổn hại về người và tài sản, đặc biệt có thể ảnh hưởng đến những khu vực lân cận cận cảnh .


Meaning and importance of fire prevention


- To improve effectiveness in fire prevention and fighting, we need to raise awareness and responsibility of all people. Localities need to organize demonstrations to help people understand the serious harmful effects of fire and explosion as well as how to prevent fire and explosion. Besides, equip people with basic knowledge when a fire or explosion occurs. To minimize fires and explosions in factories, enterprises, companies, or households, it is necessary to: Equip equipment to help prevent fires such as fire extinguishers, install fire extinguishing systems, and fire alarms; Check for flammable points such as circuit breakers, electrical sockets, etc.; Always be vigilant in all situations when there is a fire or explosion; Take the time to organize training sessions to help improve your knowledge of fire prevention and fighting.


- The purpose of fire prevention and fighting is to help prevent and minimize the occurrence of fires and explosions; Early detection of the causes of fires and explosions helps avoid bad situations that cause damage to people and property of individuals and the community. In addition, fire prevention and fighting helps prevent people with bad intentions from taking advantage of fires and explosions to do things that are against the law and affect human lives. When we discover such cases, we need to immediately report them to the police so they can be resolved quickly.


- Current fire prevention and fighting needs to be further promoted to help the country become more civilized and modern. There are no more fire and explosion phenomena that affect health, property, as well as the natural environment.



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